Superior Divorce Representation & Prenuptial Agreements

When your marriage doesn't turn out as planned, Daniel S. Standifer offers superior divorce representation. To protect the assets you earned before marriage, we also prepare prenuptial agreements.

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Ending your marriage is a difficult step. Daniel Standifer helps you through this trying time by determining what is best for all involved parties. Divorce cases include both simple and complex child custody, child visitation issues, and property issues.

Divorce - Divorce Representation

To determine the details of your divorce, Attorney Standifer discusses your marriage, lifestyle, nature of your property, work experience, number and ages of children, and more. The Law Office of  Daniel Standifer will prepare all documentation for filing with the Court and representation in Court at all required appearances.

Child Support - Divorce Representation

Spousal & Child Support

Our law practice represents both sides in spousal and child support cases. We establish initial child support orders at the time of divorce, which goes to the majority.

Additionally, we modify pre-existing orders. When this service is necessary, we sit down with you and discuss the change of circumstances. We submit your request after a detailed discussion. This is required by law to determine if the modification is needed.

Enforcement of Support Orders

Our firm also initiates proceedings to collect past due Child and Spousal Support.

Prenuptial Agreements

Protect your assets in case your marriage doesn't last with a prenuptial agreement. To get started, we meet with both parties to determine the nature of assessment draft agreement. To ensure that you receive a quality compromise rather than one defined in the courts, prenuptial agreements should always be handled by professionals.


Marriage Agreement - Divorce Representation


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